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Michael Jackson – This is It Trailer

September 17, 2009 Leave a comment

El 28 de Octubre se estrenará en cines a nivel mundial el documental ‘This it is’ que de alguna manera resumirá las horas de ensayos realizadas por Michael Jackson y sus bailarines, preparando la gira del mismo nombre. Nunca llegamos a ver la gira, pero al menos podremos ver lo que Michael estaba preparando para nosotros.

Pueden ver el trailer aquí

Según la página oficial de Michael Jackson, el documental estaría en Chile el 28 de Octubre al igual que en el resto del mundo. Pueden ver más información en el sitio de Andesfilms.

Para los seguidores de Michael, estaremos esperando más detalles sobre la venta de los tickets!

RIP Michael.

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Holidays in the south of Chile…

December 25, 2008 1 comment

Hello all!

On the weekend of December 8th (that day is a catholic holiday in Chile) I took advantage of the little break to go see some new places here in my country. I have travelled to many places in the World, and I have loved every place. I’d love for people to visit Chile more, because they’re missing out on some of the most beautiful landscapes that nature has to offer 🙂

So, my boyfriend and I decided to go south, to the Lakes Region. It has earned that name because there are several lakes all around it, as well as volcanos, some active and some inactive. I have always loved mountains, and volcanoes, when not erupting of course! Anyway, I wanted to share a few photos with you 🙂

Thats me at Lake Llanquihue, the third largest lake in South America.
That’s me at Lake Llanquihue, the third largest lake in South America.
Thats the church of Puerto Varas, the city where we stayed
That’s the church of Puerto Varas, the city where we stayed
Nice view from the Estuario de Reloncavi
Nice view from the Estuario de Reloncavi
Pretty sight from Cochamó
Pretty sight from Cochamó
in the nature
in the nature
My boyfriend Thomas and I with Osorno Volcano in the background
My boyfriend Thomas and I with Osorno Volcano in the background
Getting closer to Osorno Volcano
Getting closer to Osorno Volcano
close to the top
close to the top


More photos are coming on the next entry!! 🙂

Telethon… Pure Philanthropy?

December 10, 2008 Leave a comment

Hello folks,

I meant to post this about two weeks ago! But I’ve been very busy lately and couldn’t finish it before! I’ll fill you in on that later 🙂

For you Americans, I hope you had a wonderful Thanksgiving Weekend. Here in Chile, we don’t have that holiday, however, our yearly (almost yearly) Telethon took place last Friday and Saturday. The main goal of our Telethon (which has been going on for 30 years now) is to collect money to build rehab centers for handicap children. For 27 hours all TV channels get together, supplying their stars to organise a huge mediatic show. The entire country witnesses the moment when the goal is reached, yet sometimes surpassed. This year the goal was to gather over 13000 million pesos (in US dollars that’s around 20 million). The final amount of money gathered was over 16000 million pesos. In very rare occassions the goal hasn’t been reached, perhaps only once. However, it’s very unlikely to see such a big gap between the goal and the actual amount (which could still increase, as they’re not done counting the non monetary donations).

During those 27 hours, they present testimonials from families whose children were born with physical or mental problem, and that have turned to the Telethon foundation for help. These testimonies are so emotional that it’s hard not to shed a tear whilst watching them. I know I always do. Damn emotional me ;). But how could I not get emotional? It’s amazing what this institution does for this people, and it’s amazing to look at those children’s faces when they learn to do things by themselves 🙂

Anyway, if you have similar activities in your country, then you know that several companies donate money to these institutions, that’s how this charity can continue… but they all have a commercial interest, don’t they?

A few weeks before the Telethon starts, you start seeing commercials on television, and what resembles political propaganda on the streets. Companies embrace the Telethon spirit to raise money to donate to this great cause… but, incidentally it seems, they also raise the money in their pockets. “Let’s reach 10,000 sales today so we can donate 100 million!” “Eat 435897 McSomethings today and we’ll donate 100 million” and so on. Of course, it’s for a good cause and you certainly want them to donate that money… but some of us have a bittersweet feeling about it. We read between the lines… yet we have to follow.

Now don’t get me wrong, I think the Telethon is amazing and I love this cause. I also love it when very rich people make donations… This year, two multi-millionaire guys donate 1000 million each. You got that right, 1000 million each. One of them said it had been his dream since he was a kid, to go there and donate the biggest amount nobody had ever donated. And he did it…. but what happened next? Another multi-millionaire came right after him and donated another 1000 million. He wasn’t even thinking about donating that much! But I guess he got carried away by the momentum… and probably wanted some of that recognition too, right? Now, I do believe those two men did a very philantropic action, however, they went on stage in front of thousands of people, and now everybody talks about their outstanding donations.

What would I call a true philanthropist? The people who made outstanding donations and stayed in the anonimity. Those who didn’t care about receiving any sort of recognition. I’m not saying all the other people who donated huge amounts publicly didn’t do it to support the cause… but they’re actions weren’t completely selfless.

Now I would love to hear some stories about similar events going on in your countries, do you have a telethon too? How does it work? What do they do with the money?

Thanks for reading! 🙂


The Best Dream I’ve Ever Had

November 18, 2008 1 comment

How many times have you dreamt something so amazing that it’s painful to wake up? How many times have your dreams surpassed your reality? Well, last night I had one of those dreams. And even though I’m sitting here at work, I need to write it down, or else I might forget it.

Ok, if you have read some of these entries, then you’ll know I’m a fan of Muse. My dream starts with them. So, I don’t know where we were or why, but I was with my boyfriend and some friends waiting outside some venue to see Muse in Chile. This was the second night and we were glad to be there because there were hardly any people there. First we got some really bad seats but then we realised we could just move and stand in front of the stage, where not too many people were. So we went there. It was really weird because the part that was in the middle of the venue, where you could stand in front of the stage, was somehow higher than the stage. So we climbed up there and stood on the left side of the front, near Matt Bellamy’s microphone. I was excited as hell. [… I have seen Muse live 3 times though, but each time it has been breathtaking… this dream was no exception…]. People started to arrive, yet it still wasn’t full. I glanced over my shoulder to check out the crowd and there was plenty of space left. And the show was about to begin. I was happy cause I didn’t like extremely crowded venues. My friends were also very excited to be there. But nobody like me… I am a fangirl.

Finally, the band climbed on stage and everyone started cheering.  [ If you don’t know Muse, here’s some little info: they’re three guys, they come from Britain and they have been out there playing music for about 10 years. I have been a fan for 6 years. Their lead singer, Matthew Bellamy has an amazing voice, and outstanding guitar and piano skills. The bass player, Chris Wolstenholme is a very quiet guy, whereas the drummer Dominic Howard is a sweetheart. All songs are sung by Matt, except for a few backing vocals where Chris and Dom help. ]

Now the surreal part. Dom and Chris start a song, everyone’s excited. And when everybody expected Matt to go ahead and grab his guitar and microphone to sing, he goes and sits at a table behind Chris and Dom, while Chris began to sing an unknown tune. Matt just sat at the table and stared at the audience, smiling. Suddenly, a bunch of people who were standing beside me jumped on the stage (which wasn’t hard at all, considering that the stage was a little lower than we were) and stood in line to get Matt’s autograph. Ok, they didn’t stand in line, they were all over the place! I didn’t think about it twice and jumped as well. I didn’t have anything for him to sign, except for some piece of paper that I had in my pocket. When it was my chance to have his attention I pulled out the paper and asked him to sign it. He smiled and had a look at it. He giggled and I said “don’t ask, I have no idea what that is!”. I also told him that I was happy to meet him again [ …The first time I saw Muse live in The Netherlands in 2006, I was lucky enough to spot them at a bar in Amsterdam before the show and meet them. It was amazing… ]. He said something back but I can’t remember what it was! Anyway, after a moment, we all jumped back to where we were, and Matt finally started singing. I went back to my friends and my boyfriend, we had such a great view from there. For some reason, the concert seemed unusually short, and my partners left. I didn’t leave because I knew there’d have to be an encore. And there was…

Surreal part number two: it wasn’t Muse anymore on the encore, it was Bright Eyes […Conor Oberst is another of my top three music heroes. If you’re not familiar with him, he has been recording music since the age of 12. He is now 28 and has had multiple music projects, but the one he’s most famous for is Bright Eyes. He has played at the Vote for Change concerts to support Obama this year. I have seen Bright Eyes 7 times and met him twice…]. I was so happy I couldn’t believe this was happening. Of course, I thought my dream was real. I noticed that the venue was now packed and everybody was singing along with Conor. I was still on the very front. He had his guitar, his band and nothing else mattered at that moment. I had no idea where my friends and boyfriend were, but frankly, I didn’t care.

The concert was over, so I walked out of the venue. On my way out I heard a bunch of girls screaming and yelling. I knew they had probably found Muse and Conor at the back door or something, so I made my way there. When I got there it was impossible to sneak in, so I simply stared. Suddenly, I see Conor reaching through the crowd. Apparently, nobody noticed that he had escaped, but me. I immediately walked up to him and started a conversation. Basically, I told him that it was great to see him again, and that I had met him twice before [… First time I met him was after a concert in The Netherlands in 2007; Second time was in Chile in July 2008…]. He even seemed to remember me, so he put his arm around me and I put mine around him. We started walking and talking about a lot of things. It was amazing, I felt as though I had known him forever. I told him about all the times I had seen him live, and how his music had marked my life. I even told him about the time I saw him in Amsterdam in September. I waited for him outside the venue and when he walked toward me he didn’t see me. He admittedly said he was so stoned and drunk that day that he hardly remembered anything, and even apologised. Awww. And he was so happy to hear everything I told him and so humbled about it. Well, I know for a fact that he’s a very humble man, despite how genius he is.

Suddenly we reached some weird building that was near a trainstation… in London O_o. I don’t know how or why but it was the afternoon again. And we definitely didn’t spend all night walking together from Chile to London. Well, you know, weird things that occur in dreams. He told me he had to leave, so I asked him for a picture. I only had my cellphone with me, which fortunately has a really good camera. But there was a catch: the battery was low. I told Conor to stand next to me, somehow I had given him a Chilean flag earlier (weird, I don’t remember doing it lol) with “Bright Eyes” written on it, so he was holding it and smiling. I took two pictures which weren’t good enough and then my battery died. “Oh oh!” I thought. I had no way to reach my friends anymore. Conor told me to come along with him (I don’t remember where he was going) and I really wanted to go but I couldn’t. I knew my friends and my parents would be worried sick about me. I hugged him tight and told him that this would not be the last time we’d meet. He smiled and left.

I walked a few blocks and tried to turn my cell phone on again. It had very little battery, and I immediately got a call from my parents. Somehow, they were nearby O_o at some cafe O_o. I walked there and met them and my boyfriend, as well as my other friends who had been with me at the concert. I told them about my surreal experience with Conor, and how they left before the concert was over. They said they were worried about me and that they couldn’t reach me. We were sitting at a table eating and stuff… and you will not believe what happened next.

Surreal part number three: the owner of the cafe was no other than Layne Staley (O_o)!!!. […Layne Staley is my other top three music hero. He was the lead singer of the 90’s Grunge band Alice in Chains. He died in 2002, and the Grunge world has never been the same since then…]. Layne came to our table and asked us if we needed anything else. He had curly hair, a goatee, and he was wearing a hat. For some reason I thought his outfit looked kinda French, because of the sweater he was wearing. It was white, with horizontal black stripes. I stared at him and couldn’t believe my eyes. He was beautiful. To my dismay, I didn’t get to spend as much time with him as I did with Conor and Matt, however, he was there! Before we left the cafe, I walked to him and gave him a hug. I can’t remember exactly what I told him while I was hugging him, but it was probably related to him being amazing. He smiled at me and kissed me on the cheek. And before I could say anything else my alarm went on.

I had the biggest smile on my face this morning, I tell ya!

Those three men mean so much to me and have marked me in so many different ways, that having them all together visiting me in one night was probably too much to handle 🙂

Thanks for reading this. It means a LOT to me. I hope it was entertaining!!